Refund Policy

Refunds and Reshipments

Our dispatch team at (Company name) will keep an eye on every movement of your package. In the event of problems with your shipment, you will be informed within 24 hours, and we will provide you with a new tracking number immediately and ship a new package for you within 24 hours. So, do not worry; we 100% guarantee delivery every single time!

We provided free reshipments or full refunds in the following cases:

If the package is lost in transit.If the wrong product is delivered.

For example: In the rare case that you ordered

Modalert and received Artvigil or similar cases.
If wrong quantity of pills are received.
However please be informed that we don’t offer refunds or reshipments if you provide an incorrect or invalid shipping address, or if you do not accept or collect the order resulting in failed delivery attempt.

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